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What is Rotomolding?

Rotomolding is the method used to transform plastic, through which hollow shapes can be made in a great variety of sizes, shapes, and textures.
The Rotomolding process allows resin to be molded without pressure. It uses the necessary temperature to melt the material without degrading it, thus keeping its properties to the fullest.
A basic function of Rotomolding is to make the plastic particles melt around the hot walls of the mold during a rotational and biaxial movement.

Producto Rotomoldeado
Rotational Movement Rotational Movement

Rotational movement is what defines this production process. Similar to the movement of the planets, rotomolding is a mold moving simultaneously on two axes or planes in such a way that the plastic covers the walls of the mold which gives it shape.

4 Simple Steps

  • Un Moderno Centro de Desarrollo e Investigación
  • Profesionales e Investigadores de la Industria del Rotomoldeo
  • Profesionales e Investigadores de la Industria del Rotomoldeo
  • Profesionales e Investigadores de la Industria del Rotomoldeo
4 Simple Steps

  Raw Material

Before starting, it is important to be aware of the quality and properties of the raw material we are to use (we recommend Rotolene).The raw material is poured into the mold.


Once the mold is loaded, the rotational movement begins, applying constant and uniform heat so that the plastic melts around the shape of the mold.


As the name suggests, in this stage the mold is cooled so that the plastic can solidify.

Mold Release

Once the part is cooled, it is taken out by opening the mold and extracting the hollow rotomolded plastic.


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Markets and Applications

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Low Equipment Cost
Low Mold Cost
Process without production
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Walls of Uniform Thickness
Design Flexibility
Texture Variety
Several Coats and Color Finishes

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